IRAN, More than just a dream

When to travel?

The best time to travel to Iran is between March and May and also between September and November when the weather is mild and generally pleasant. But if you are interested in skiing and other winter sports, winter is quite enjoyable in Iran.

Best time to see the beautiful Isfahan

The best time to go to Esfahan is in spring and autumn, when the nights get warmer but the daytime temperature remains bearable. From mid-June onwards, the climate becomes really hot and visits to the city are less pleasant.

Best time to visit Tehran and its region

Spring is the most pleasant time to visit Tehran. The Iranian New year (Nowrouz), a celebration which takes place on March 21st and continues until April 4th, is a time of family and friendly exchange. This festival, which is classified as spiritual Patrimony of humanity by UNESCO, is a unique centuries-old heritage. The city’s inhabitants leave town about 2 weeks for New Year vacation and there is not the usual traffic in Tehran. In winter, the weather is a little bit cold maximum minus 05 but sunny. With wearing more clothes, you can enjoy the wonderful sightseeing in Teheran and for lovers of skiing, the ski slopes are very close.

Best time to enjoy the Caspian Sea

Spring and autumn are the most pleasant times to visit this region, because temperature and humidity levels are still bearable. To discover the region’s forests in their most beautiful finery, choose autumn.

Best time to visit Northwest Iran                                                                           

It’s most pleasant to visit Tabriz in May –June or September -October. The winter temperature can drop to -30°C.

Best time to visit Southern Iran and Shiraz

The best time to visit Shiraz is in spring, when the nights get warm but the daytime temperature is bearable. The gardens of the city are covered with buds and flowers. From mid-June onwards, the climate becomes really hot and dry.

Best time to visit Central Iran and Yazd

The best time to visit Central Iran and Yazd is spring and autumn as the central part of the country and Yazd are desert regions. The nights can still be cool, but temperatures will be pleasant in the day.

Best time to visit Eastern Iran

Like the rest of the country, the best time to visit Mashhad is in spring and autumn. It is better to avoid the Shiite religious festivals (which follow the lunar calendar and change depending on the year), because the city’s main attraction then becomes inaccessible to tourists.