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As old as history


Passing through the most important testimonies of ancient and Islamic Iran, this journey invites you to grasp the two sides of Iranian history, before and after Islam, with their ruptures and continuities. In addition to the beauty of landscapes and sites, this trip would also like to tell the invisible: the subtle pulsations of an Iranian identity, nourished for centuries by a refined mixture of culture, poetic mysticism, royal glory and Shiite esotericism. With this tour, you will also know modern Iran.

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Tehran- Kashan-Abyaneh -Natanz-Isfahan- Shiraz- Persepolis-Shiraz – Yazd – Maibod – Ardakan – Choupanan – Kour– Farahzad Villaage – Damghan – Badab Surt –SARI- Mashad-Tehran -Hamedan – Kermanshah

Day 01: Tehran [Between traditional heritage and modernity]

Arrival in Tehran. Meet and greet service upon arrival at Tehran IK Airport by an English speaking tour guide from 2001 Tour & Travel Agency. Hotel for xx night.

Day 02: Tehran [Persia and its history]

After breakfast, we will discover the capital. The Carpet Museum with its exceptional collection of carpets from all parts of Iran, the Abghineh Museum, housed in an ancient palace with a splendid collection of glass, ceramic and crystal objects of the Achemenid period. In the afternoon, visit of the Archeological museum

Day 03: Tehran-Kashan, the direction to the south [Kashan, the city of the roses]

Departure to Kashan, At Kashan, visit of Bagh-e-Fin, a traditional Persian garden, visit of the Taba-Tabai, residence of a 19th century merchant, the archeological site of Sialk Hill and the Agha Bozorg Mosque. Check-in at hotel for x nights

Day 04: Kashan-Abyaneh-Natanz-Isfahan [Abyaneh, village in the middle of the mountains]

After breakfast, the road to Isfahan, via Abyaneh and Natanz, visit of Friday Mosque in Natanz. Arrival in Isfahan. At Isfahan visit of the Khadju, 33 arches and Shahrestan bridges. Hotel for xxx nights.

Day 05: Isfahan, half of the world

Visit of the Chehel Soutoun Palace, so-called 40 columns and the Armenian quarter with its Cathedral and Museum. Lunch in this area. In the afternoon, visit of Friday Mosque. In the night, it is Isfahan by night with its illuminated monuments.

Day 06: Isfahan

Discovery of the wonders of Isfahan, one-time capital of Persia. A real jewel of architecture, often called the Florence of the Orient, with its cascades of blue, yellow and green mosaics, and its remarkable Naghsheh – Jahan square. Visits of the Royal Palace, the Imam Mosque, a magnificent example of Iranian mosques with four ivans, and the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and to the east of the square a mosque without minarets of unique beauty, earlier called the Woman’s mosque. Free time for a visit of the Bazaar at the end of the afternoon.

Day 07: Isfahan-Shiraz [Shiraz, the city of poets]

Departure from Isfahan to Shiraz. Arrival to Shiraz, in the end of the day, visit of Shah Cheragh Mausoleum. Hotel for xx nights.

Day 08: Shiraz- Persepolis-Shiraz

Excursion to the Persepolis, one of the greatest archeological sites in 60 km of Shiraz, visit of Naghshe – e Rostam, in 7 kilometers of Persepolis, return to Shiraz, visit of the (Darvazeh – Qoran) one monument that shelter Quran, and according to the tradition, wish good trip for the travelers, and welcome to the visitors. Visit of the tomb of Khajoyeh Kerman, great poet of XIII, leader of Hafez, visit of the Qur’anic School, visit of Hafez and Saadi Tomb, visit of Nassir al Molk Mosque, in the end of day, visit of the superb bazaar of Shiraz.

Day 9: Shiraz – Yazd [The pearl of the desert]

Departure to Yazd, on the road, visit of the Abar Gho Village, Arrival to Yazd, (371 Kilometer), Visit of Tower Silence. Hotel for xx nights.

Day 10: Yazd 

In the morning, we will Begin our visits with the Friday Mosque, Ancient area of the Yazd, the Seid – Rouknodin Mausoleum, Mir Chakhmagh Square. In the afternoon, visit of the fire temple, and Bazaar.

Day 11: Yazd- Maibod – Ardakan – Choupanan – Kour– Farahzad Villaage (351 Kilometer)

Departure from Yazd to Farahzad, a traditional village, where there are just 2 families. In this village there is a traditional tourist inn, where it is very interesting to stay. There is the possibility to visit the desert, a salt lake and to do some trekking. You enjoy from the nature in this area. Arrival to Farahzad Inn tourist for x night.

Day 12: Farahzad – Damghan (401 Kilometer) [Farahzad, with its beautiful nature]

After breakfast, departure from Farahzad to Damghan, via the beautiful desert. Arrival at Damghan. Hotel for xx nights.

Days 13: Damghan [Taste its pistachio, and see its ancient mosque]

Here is the oldest Mosque of Iran, (Tarikhanhe) the first century of Hejir, Imamazadeh Jafar, (mausoleum of Jafar), the tower of 40 daughter (chehel dokhtaran), Lotfi House, and Shah Abassi Carevanserail.

Day 14: Damghan – Badab Surt –Sari [Badab Surt, the land of wonder]

We take a lunch box and the road to Sari via Badad e Surt, a natural site in Mazandaran province in northern Iran, 95 kms south of Sari, and 7 kms west of Orost village. The source here comprises a range of stepped travertine terrace formations that have been created over thousands of years as flowing water from two mineral springs cooled and deposited carbonate minerals. Arrival to Sari. Hotel for xx nights.

Day 15: Sari

After breakfast, visit of Caspian Sea around SARI. After the desert, the sea is quite a change. Visit to a traditional bazar.

Day 16: Sari- Mashhad, [Capital of the Shiite]

Departure from Sari to Mashhad.  Visit of Imam Reza Mausoleum. Hotel for xx nights.

Day 17: Mashhad, land of Saffron Excursion to Ferdowssi in 39 kilometer in Tus from Mashhad, this small town was the capital for a while. Ferdwossi was a great Iranian poet. In this way, visit of Harounieh, Named to Prison of Haroun. In return, visit of Khaje Rabie Mausoleum; one of the holy ancient Shiite, his tomb is built in 1617-1622 in order of Shag Abbas. Its map is like Hashat Behesht Palace in Isfahan

Day 18: Mashhad – Tehran

Visit of Bazaar in Mashhad, lunch and flight to Tehran. Transfer to the hotel. At the end of the day depending on the flight time, possibility of visiting Ex-shah Palaces.

Day 19: Tehran – Hamedan [Hamedan, Mendes’s Capital]

The road to Hamadan, on the road, visit of Ali Sadr Cave, one of the most strange and beautiful caves in the World, departure to Hamedan. Hotel for xx nights.

Day 20: Hamedan

Visit of Avicenna Tomb, Ganj Nameh, one of the most important archeological sites from Achemenid Period, visit of Babataher Tomb, one of the Iranian great Poets, visit of the lion Stone, from Achemenid period, Alavian tomb, from Seljuk Period, Bazaar of Hamedan.

Day 21: Hamedan – Kermanshah, [Discovery of Parthes Site]

The road to Kermanshah, Visit of Anahita Temple, and Bisoutoun, one of the great sites from Parthes period in 50 kms to Kermanshah. Visit of tag-Boustan, some kilometers from north of the city. This site came from Ardeshir II, (379-383). Visit of Tekiyeh Moaven Al Molk, Qajar Period.  Hotel for x night.

Day 22: International Flight

On request we shall be pleased to organize an individual tailor-made tour for you.