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IRAN, More than just a dream

More about Iran

The geography of Iran Iran is situated in South-West Asia and has a surface area of 1,648,000 km2 (636’000 sq mi). It lies on an elevated plateau between the Caspian Sea to the North and the Persian Gulf to the South. The central plateau is surrounded by the mountain ranges of Alborz and Zagros. The […]


Food and drinks Although all provinces have their own dishes and specialties, rice is the staple diet. It is normally eaten as an accompaniment to a variety of kebabs or stews, made with different vegetables, fruits, cereals, and meats. Apart from soft fizzy drinks, some like to drink “Doogh” with their food. It is made […]

Pack your bag

Ladies,  pack a light scarf to put on your head. It is recommended to the ladies to put even more than one scarf, especially in color to make you look beautiful in the evenings Light clothing for summer travel, Indian covered clothing is a good example for ladies.  For men, shorts are not appreciated. If […]

Seasonal precautions

Hot summers and cold winters make it necessary for every traveler to take appropriate precautions. In summer, sun cream, sunglasses, adequate drinking of water and avoidance of exposure to the sun are advisable.In winter, it can become very cold: warm clothing, gloves and a warm overcoat or anorak are advisable. “…the only way to see […]

Why trust our agency

Our history, our vision, your discovery Twenty-two years of experience allow our agency to boast a rich portfolio of several tens of thousands customers who have told us their satisfaction through innumerable letters and messages of thanks and their witnesses on travel forums such as Trip Advisor, Routard, Lonely Planet, Voyage Forum, Petit Fûté, etc. […]

Useful information about Iran

Currency If you are planning to visit Iran, one of the first things you need to know is the currency, which is often a source of confusion for tourists. Rial and Toman What is the difference? The official currency in Iran is the Iranian Rial, which you will see on banknotes, coins, documents, official bills […]

What to see, What to do?

While travelling in Iran, you will discover the unique sites of Persia: Isfahan, Shiraz, Persepolis… So many legendary cities, with their blue domes, their slender minarets, their monumental squares, their animated markets, which will reveal to you some secrets of the history of Iran. Land of Islam, Iran is also the home of a very original […]

When to travel?

The best time to travel to Iran is between March and May and also between September and November when the weather is mild and generally pleasant. But if you are interested in skiing and other winter sports, winter is quite enjoyable in Iran. Best time to see the beautiful Isfahan The best time to go […]

What will your first visit bring you?

For those who love open spaces and romantic poetry, for those who want to discover an age-old civilization, Iran is the place for you.  As legend dictates:  there are a thousand and one reasons to plunge into the depths of time and discover the remnants of the past, by losing yourself in the scented gardens […]