IRAN, More than just a dream

What to see, What to do?

While traveling in Iran, you will discover the high places of Persia: Isfahan, Shiraz, Persepolis

So many legendary cities, with their blue domes, their slender minarets, their monumental squares, their animated markets, which will reveal you some secrets of the history of Iran.

Land of Islam, Iran is also the home of a very original culture, which is expressed through its mosques with earthenware coverings, its Persian miniatures, its carpets with floral arabesques and its most dazzling poetry of the East and the hospitality of his people.

Don’t be surprised if someone who you just met 5 minutes ago invites you to his house. Also with trip to Iran, you will get lost in the labyrinths of bazaars, and you will enjoy buying antique things, Persian carpets, ancient miniatures, and tasting the specialists in each city.

You will have 4 seasons in one Period: You can find the climate of spring in the hot weather on summer in Azerbaijan. In fact, due to the large surface area of Iran, there is a great variation of weather conditions across the country, its south in the Persian Gulf, with hot and humid climate, splendid palm trees, its east with a torrid desert and running sand with the nights full of stars, the west of Iran with the high mountains, you can have an unforgettable souvenir of skiing in Iran; attracts the attention of every visitor.