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Do women have to wear a scarf?

Yes, the head scarf should cover the hair.

Do women have to dress Chador?

It is not necessary to wear a Chador unless one wants to visit a holy Shrine. They should wear a long sleeve shirt there is no limitation on the color or material.

Is it forbidden to wear a tie or bow tie?


Are man allowed to wear short trousers?

They are not.

Is it possible to bring alcoholic beverages to Iran?

No, it is strictly forbidden.

Is it safe to drink the water from the tap?

The tap water is drinkable in Tehran, but it is recommended to have mineral water in the other cities.

What is the Iranian currency?

It is Rial . In daily trade, Iranians use a unit called Tooman, which is the unit for 10 Rial

Where can I change money?

You can exchange at the airport, but a better rate is available in exchange offices.

It is possible to pay by credit card?

Credit and Master Cards are not accepted in Iran, and ATM’s are not for International use.

Are there any internet facilities in the hotels?

Yes, there are.

Are international driving licenses accepted by Police?

Yes, there are.

Are roads in good condition?


Is the power supply 220 volts 50 cycles AC?


Are taxis or local transports available?

Yes there are, but no taximeters, it is advisable to agree on a fare. The majority of the taxi drivers speak Farsi. The airport taxis are a little more expensive than street ones. For traveling between cities one uses taxi, buses, and railway and air plane.

Are there English newspapers and magazines?


Are you allowed to take photos of military areas or holy places?

No, you are not.

Do policemen speak English?

No, most of them only speak Farsi, but they are very helpful.

For traveling to Iran, do we need a special vaccination?

Except Covid, you do not need any vaccination.