Travel Guide


There are many reasons to visit Iran, here are just a few:

  • Forget your preconceptions
  • you will discover the most wonderful sites of Persia
  • you will meet the most hospitable people in the world
  • you will visit truly unique architectural sites and relive Persian history
  • your eyes will marvel at the world’s most stunning landscapes
  • And finally, you will discover that Persia is a whole world in a single country

240 km south of Tehran, 220 km north of Isfahan

Kashan is famous for its tiles (kashi), its silks and carpets. Distillation of rose-water is a specialty of Ghamsar, a distinct area of the town very well-known in Iran.

Kashan has an archaeological history dating back 7000 years. A favorite haunt of the Safavids kings, the town had a wealth of master builders, architects and craftsmen who served the court for three centuries.

The town’s famous garden (bagh Fine) was the scene of the assassination of a great Prime Minister of the Qajar period, Amir Kabir. Various recently restored beautiful private houses have been turned into museums and are very representative of the Persian classic style.

360° Gallery (from Ministry of cultural heritage tourism and handicrafts of Iran)

Iran’s other provinces merit a visit – at least once!