IRAN, More than just a dream

Pack your bag

  • Ladies,  pack a light scarf to put on your head. It is recommended to the ladies to put even more than one scarf, especially in color to make you look beautiful in the evenings
  • Light clothing for summer travel, Indian covered clothing is a good example for ladies.  For men, shorts are not appreciated.
  • If you are travelling in spring and autumn, we recommend that you take a warm sweatshirt for a possible walk in the cool evenings.
  • A camera to immortalise your trip.
  • A copy of the page of your passport where there is your personal information, and the page with the Iranian visa.
  • Sun cream, sunglasses, and a hat are essential to see Persepolis especially.
  • Cash money (Euro or Dollar)
  • Your medicines
  • Mosquito cream for summer.
  • Remember it is strictly forbidden to bring or drink alcohol in Iran.
  • Gentlemen: forget about ties. In Iran they are only worn at weddings.