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On this tour you will discover Tehran and its memories, like Golestan Palace registered in UNESCO. The city of Esfahan, an obligatory stop nurtured by generations of architects, artists and craftsmen. Imam and Friday mosques classified in World heritages, Then Yazd, a city where you can enjoy unique experiences visiting the Zoroastrian towers of silence, the surprising wind towers, the water reservoirs and the ancient quarters. Yazd itself is one of the World heritage. And finally Persepolis, the most famous sightseeing for the ancient civilization and classified in UNESCO.

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Day 01: [Welcome to Tehran]

Arrival at Tehran, meet and greet, transfer to hotel for xx nights

Day 02: Tehran [Antiquity, modernity and hospitality]

After breakfast, we will first discover the capital, including the Carpet Museum, exceptional in the country, and visit the Abghineh Museum, housed in an ancient palace. The splendid collection contains exceptional objects of glass, ceramic, and crystal dating back to the Achemenid period. In the afternoon, visit of the Archeological Museum.

Days 03: Tehran

After breakfast, we will discover 02 Palaces of Golestan complex Palaces, registered in UNESCO. Visit of Moghadam house, and nature Bridges, as a modern contemporary sightseeing in Tehran.

Day 04: Tehran – Kashan – Abyaneh- Isfahan [On the trail of the ancient kingdoms]

Departure from Tehran to Kashan, visit of Fin Garden, (Persian Garden is classified in UNESCO) Tabatabai House, Agha Bozorg Mosque, on-route visit of Abyaneh, a village protected by UNESCO, departure to Isfahan. Visit of 33 Arches, Shahrestan and Khajou Bridges.  Hotel for xxx nights.

Day 05: Isfahan [Cupolas and minarets of Isfahan]

Discovery of the wonders of Isfahan, one-time capital of Persia. A real jewel of architecture, often called the Florence of the Orient, with its cascades of blue, yellow and green mosaics, and its remarkable Naghsheh – Jahan square, classified in UNESCO. Visits of the Royal Palace, the Imam Mosque, a magnificent example of Iranian mosques with four ivans, and the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and to the east of the square a mosque without minarets of unique beauty, earlier called the Woman’s Mosque. Free time for a visit of the Bazaar at the end of the afternoon.

Day 06: Tehran – Kashan – Abyaneh- Isfahan [Kashan, the city of Persian Gardens]

Departure to Isfahan, via Kashan and traditional village of Abyaneh.  At Kashan, visit of Bagh-e-Fin, a traditional Persian garden, visit of the Taba-Tabai, residence of a 19th century merchant, the archeological site of Sialk Hill and the Agha Bozorg Mosque. Arrival in Isfahan.  Visit of 33 Arches, Shahrestan and Khajou Bridges.  Check-in at hotel for xxx nights.

 Day 06: Isfahan [A day in paradise]

Visit of the Chehel Soutoun Palace (40 columns palace), visit of Cathedral of Maryam in the Armenian area. Lunch in this area. In the afternoon, visit of Friday Mosque.

Day 07: Isfahan – Yazd [The city of wind towers]

Departure from Isfahan, to Yazd, visit of Friday Mosque in Nain, arrival to Yazd. Visit of Silence Tower. Hotel for xx nights.

Day 08: Yazd

Visit of Friday Mosque, Mir Chakhmag Square, and tasting the very famous and delicious sweets of Iran, made in Yazd, in a candy shop. Visit of the ancient area of Yazd, with the most famous Qanant. Visit of Fire Temple of the Zoroastrians, and the bazaar. In Yazd there is the possibility to visit a very interesting Iranian spectacle, Zourkhaneh, a traditional Iranian sport. This sport is calcified as intangible cultural heritage.

Day 09: Yazd – Shiraz  [The capital of the Achaemenids]

Departure to Shiraz, the city of Rose, and the place of birth of famous poet Hafez and Saadi. Hotel for xx nights.

Day 10: Shiraz – Perspolis- Shiraz [The capital of the Achaemenids]

Excursion to the Persepolis, one of the greatest archeologic sites in 60 km of Shiraz, visit of Naghshe – e Rostam, in 7 kilometer of Persepolis, return to Shiraz, visit of the (Darvazeh – Qoran) one monument that shelter Qoran, and according to the tradition, wish good trip for the travelers, and welcome to the visitors. Visit of the tomb of Khajoyeh Kermani, great poet of XIII, leader of Hafez, visit of the Qur’anic School, visit of Hafez and Saadi Tomb, visit of Nassir al Molk Mosque, in the end of day, visit of the superb bazaar of Shiraz.

Day 11: Flight back home

On request we shall be pleased to organize an individual tailor-made tour for you.