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Mehregan thanksgiving festival, The Autumn Festival of Harvest

Mehregan festival is an ancient Persian festival dating back to as far as the earliest Aryans. The word Mehr, in Mehregan festival means Kindness. The festival is also a reminder of the cornerstone of Zoroastrianism – good words, good thoughts and good deeds.

In ancient Iran, the year was divided into two equal seasons: summer and winter. The beginning of each season was welcomed by holding a big celebration: Nowruz (New Year) and Mehregan, heralding the harvest season. The (first) measure of this celebration was the equality of day and night or the autumnal equinox. On Mehregan, friends and family gather to celebrate the beginning of the beautiful fall season. On this day people go to visit their loved ones especially the ones that have been missed for a long time to enjoy the beauty of this vibrant-colored season together.

Iran seeks UNESCO status for Mehregan festival.